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Ask our Clients

The following selection of testimonials reflect how our clients feel about us. We thank all our clients for these kind words and for the written permission to publish them. All our testimonials are guaranteed to be genuine.

Even so, we appreciate that many people remain sceptical.  You may therefore prefer to contact these retailers directly.  Feel free – the good people shown below will be happy to verify the claims we make and tell you more about the various benefits of choosing Greenwood Retail.

Rodgers of York

“[7 figure] Sales Target Hit in Three Weeks! We are Delighted.”

William Browne, M.D. Rodgers of York.

Hills Department Store


“It was strangely enjoyable! It really was a breeze! We’re very pleased with sales worth around 20% of annual turnover during the event. I wanted to send you a quick e mail regarding Chris. What a lovely guy, and a credit to your company. He turned up and instantly fit right into the team. his hard work and knowledge made the sale a pleasure.”

Nick Snookes, General Manager, Hills of Spalding.

Bringy Furniture

 “I Have Nothing But Praise for Greenwood!” “We took near enough 80% of our annual turnover in two and a half weeks! Your Event manager worked very hard and he was just right for us – straight out of the ‘John Lewis mould! This has been a much better experience for us compared to the previous event with another sales company.”

Tim Halfhide, M.D. Bringy Furniture, Chelmsford.

Geoffrey Benson & Son

“Thank you and Gary for another great sale… we did 35% of annual turnover in 10 days!”

Martin Benson, Owner, Geoffrey Benson & Son, Harrogate.


“You ‘do a Greenwood’, then you get a bounce afterwards. It’s happened time after time!” “When you take £900k in five weeks there is some delivering to do! But I am definitely a Greenwood convert… and looking forward to the next one!”

Ryan Pollock. Director. Right Price, Coleraine.

Furniture World

“We did two months business in the first five days alone!” Steve did another fantastic job. We’re very pleased.”

Matt Nuciforo, Senior Manager, Furniture World, St Austell.

You’re Furnished

“I’m Trying to Recover from the Euphoria! Our 2015 Greenwood January Sale was fantastic, but the 2017 January sale came in another 30% up. It’s been absolutely tremendous!”

Cy Fogel, M.D., You’re Furnished, Stanstead.

Eyres of Chesterfield

“Thank you for helping to make our Refurbishing Sale such a great success. Your approach was very professional and well managed. All of us found your Event Manager James to be exceptionally good and a great asset. We easily reached our targets during what has been a very quiet time in the trade. I would certainly approach your company again for a future event.”

Charles Summers, M.D., Eyres of Chesterfield.

Sturtons & Tappers

“Another consistent result with Greenwood. Sale No.8 Beat the Last Six Sales!”

Philip Heath, Sturtons & Tappers, Bournemouth.

Horsham Bedding Centre

“We’re really happy with our Greenwood Sale after banking a good 20% of annual turnover during the three weeks. Your on-site Manager Gary, was a pleasure to work with and he got on with everyone here. He was a pleasure to have around the store.”

Adam Tomlin, Director, Jones & Tomlin, Chichester, Horsham & Worthing.

Martell’s Department Store

“I Can’t Believe How Much Money We’ve Taken… over 5000 people came through the store… we’ve banked almost two Months Business in just the first week of our Greenwood January Sale!”

Charlie Martell, Director, Martell’s Of East Grinstead.

Dixons Home Store

“I have found Greenwood Retail to be a great pleasure to deal with over many years. They have proved to be both reliable and effective.”

Donald Dixon, M.D., Dixons Department Stores.

Glenkeen Furnishings

“Very Pleased to take a solid 20% of annual sales in two and a half weeks! The Event Manager Kevin is a very good sales guy. I’d book another ‘Greenwood’, just give me a while to come round from this one!”

Johnnie Aiken, Director, Glenkeen Furnishings, Londonderry.

Sparrow Hall Furniture

“An Absolutely Fabulous result – about 85% of annual sales in three weeks! We weren’t sure about hiring Greenwood at first. People said just do it yourself, but we thought no. Your man Chris was outstanding. He kept us all calm and helped us make the most of it. I would never have believed we’d block the main roads with traffic – we had to open a field for overflow parking! Everyone here enjoyed the whole experience. It was a joy! We cleared all the stock at good overall margin. If you make the decision to exit the business, it is well worth hiring Greenwood!”

John King, Owner, Sparrow Hall Furniture, Leighton Buzzard.

Planet Furniture

Better By Far! I can’t sing Greenwood’s praises high enough after smashing the sales results of the last sale [with another sales company] in one week less. There is no comparison in terms of the Event Manager, who was the top seller and the effectiveness of the advertising which brought in an excellent three months business in two weeks!  I can say that in my experience, Greenwood is the number one Sales Company.

David Morrison. M.D. Planet Furniture, Glenrothes.

Hunters of Derby

We exceeded all targets and expectations by taking the equivalent of whole quarter of a year’s turnover in three weekends. Your event manager was a big asset and worked very well with us. We are very pleased with the outcome of our [Greenwood] sale.

Matthew Sheard, Director. Hunters of Derby, 2014

Right Price Carpets and Furniture

We are now stupidly busy trying to cope with all the deliveries – but we are 100% happy with the results. I am very pleased.  And, the Event Manager you sent was a very good on-site man. We felt very comfortable with him here, and we’re already looking at future dates for another Greenwood Sale.

Ryan Pollock. Director. Right Price Carpets and Furniture Ltd, Coleraine.

The Bedroom Centre

I am very impressed with our third Greenwood sale. To say it went extremely well would be an understatement – we took the equivalent of 118% of our annual turnover in three weeks. I had to ring the printer for extra invoice pads half way through the sale! If anyone doubts these facts please don’t hesitate to ring me.

John Davis, The Bedroom Centre, Worcester and Malvern.

Southons of Salisbury

Our Greenwood Sale was absolutely phenomenal! Four months business in 17 days has to be seen to be believed! We were literally swamped. Your rep. Andy was both charming and a very competent salesperson. It went exactly as ‘it-said-on-the-tin. In fact we beat your sales projections! I would gladly recommend Greenwood.

Chris Southon, MD. Southons of Salisbury, 2014.

Whiteleys Garden Centre

The sale was everything Greenwood said it would be.  It was madness, but it was great!  Our first day sales target was smashed after the first hour and a half!  We are looking forward to the next Greenwood sale.

Neil Redford, General Manager. Whiteley’s Garden Centre, Huddersfield. 2014

Scope Furnishings

We took 4 months business in 3 weeks! The margins came out well, we cleared all the rubbish and the cash flow was useful too. Your rep worked very hard and must be exhausted. We will definitely recommend you.

Tony Bourgaise, M.D. Scope Furnishings Jersey and Guernsey, 2014

Cookes Furnishings

We are delighted with both our Greenwood Sales.   Absolutely fabulous sales of 27% of total turnover during the three week promotion.  Your people were very efficient and did a great job.  If you embrace the Greenwood way of working, you get the results!

James Pike, M.D. Cookes Furnishings, Erdington and Christchurch, 2014

Abey Furnishing Co.

It’s a no-brainer! Why wouldn’t you hold a Greenwood Sale? I love it when you guys come in. It’s wonderful to have this quality of professional sales help around.  Our fourth sale has smashed the last one. It’s really put us back in the right place. Your new event manager was top quality; a really nice guy and very thorough. I left him to it and yet he took no short-cuts.  I would book Greenwood again without hesitation.

David Carroll, MD. Abey Furnishing Co. Grimsby, 2014.

Barsley Department Store

The final sales total equalled the higher end of the original projections!.  As for your Sales Manager, to be honest, I could not imagine there could be anyone as good as the guy you sent.  Stephen was so friendly but he also professionally guided all the team to help achieve the record sales.  Everyone warmed to him and enjoyed having him with us during the Greenwood sale. We will all miss him..

Richard Barsley. Managing Director. Barsleys Department Store, Kent.

Capital Gardens, Highgate London

“It was a new adventure, having to close to get ready for the sale and have People in Like Greenwood’s to run the event. It was Mad Crazy!, everything they said it would be. It’s been Great, the event manager worked well with the team. They told us we would be inundated with people, we were sceptical, but we had to turn people away in the morning to come back in the afternoon, I think that says it all”.

Colin Campbell-Preston, Managing Director.


Home & Garden Bargain Centre – Willington

“In Summary – what a fabulous three weeks – thank you – IT REALLY DOES WORK!. I have to admit to having a seed of doubt – particularly over the weekend closure prior to the private sale days – but I am now a 100% believer in the Greenwood Way – you managed to mobilize the gardening public in the middle of a cold and damp November – Amazing!” To the event manager “I know that we wouldn’t have achieved this level of sales without your input, your work with the team, your work as part of the team and the communication and guidance to us, the business stakeholders – really above and beyond – Thank you”

Karen Gill, Director Chessum Plants.

Special Stock Liquidation Sales at Wexford & Tullamore

“With Greenwood’s help and planning we were successful in selling over 2.5 million Euro during two short sales events in Ireland. I think their marketing plans are excellent and their people worked very hard to help achieve this success. I can recommend Greenwood Retail.”

Otto de Jager, CEO Global Home Group.


Sturtons & Tappers, Bournmouth

“We haven’t been able to add it up yet! We thought we’d have to shut the doors… almost a dangerous number of people coming through the store!”

David Scott, Director.


Vasey’s of Carlise

“I don’t know what the secret is…every time it’s magic, they’ve managed to pull it off [again], and that proves how successful they are!”

Lisa Comber, General Manager.


Bennetts of Banbury

“It’s very busy… and the orders are coming in nicely! They have worked very well with the local media and with our team, to get the desired result.”

Gary Bennett, Director.


Psyche, Middlesborough

“Our sales are usually pretty good but this [Greenwood Sale] is twice as busy… at least!”

Steve Cochrane, M.D.


MacDonalds of York

“My last Greenwood Sale was so successful I brought them in again…. It’s a great boost to business… It’s great to have them in the shop!”

Martyn MacDonald, M.D.


Beevers of Bridlington

“We’ve achieved the desired result. The footfall has been excellent… much more than even on a busy day!”

Paul Stephenson, M.D.


Global Interiors, Bolton

“We had a fantastic January Sale with them in 2009 and immediately booked a second sale! I’m a converted fan of Greenwood… a walking advert for them!”

Donna Burrell, Owner.


Abey Furnishing Co Ltd, Grimsby

“I have worked with many marketing firms and in my experience Greenwood Retail is by far the best. We will be working with Greenwood again in the future”

David Carroll, M.D.


Hamsey’s, Croydon

“Despite Greenwood’s reputation, I still could not believe what people were saying about them – but now I do! It’s been fantastic, we’ve seen an incredible response to the advertising.”

Simon Hunt, MD.


Hampton & McMurray

“Having hired both the best known sales companies, I’ve learned a valuable lesson – which one is the best! With Greenwood you just get a better job. It’s in the detail, the preparation, and the guys they send to work in the store are excellent. Most importantly, the results are better. The last Greenwood event totally surpassed all expectations. I’d have been delighted with half the sales. Based on my actual experience, I really can recommend Greenwood as the number one sales company.”

Neil Richardson, M.D. Hampton & McMurray, Glasgow.


“You have a model that undoubtedly works! You did everything you said you would. You really delivered the results at Pearson’s – the seven figure sales total came in dead centre of your original projections. A magnificent result! We are absolutely delighted with our Greenwood Sale.”

David James. M.D. Morley Stores Group Ltd, London.

Brook Leisure

“We took about 65% of current annual turnover during the 17 day sales event. This proves advertising works if it’s done properly!”

Trissie Beard. M.D. Brook Leisure, Surrey.

Roomes Furniture & Interiors

“So there is a market out there! It’s like fishing with Dynamite! The Greenwood Sale went very well and your people did a great job.”

Michael Roome. M.D. Roomes of Upminster.