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Optimise the Sales and Profit Performance of Every Square Foot

Greenwood’s Got Talent.  Our team of Directors and Contractors have between them some seriously impressive track records, including some key roles in the building and running of many of the great retail success stories of our generation. This means we are able to offer you really effective retail sales and marketing advice.

Our Retail Consultancy Service now includes Buying Strategy, Range Planning, Merchandising, Sales Training, plus new ‘Seasonal’ Marketing Campaigns as well as our now-famous High Impact Sales Events.

Why not hire Greenwood Retail to help you step back and assess your organisation, set out your stall and streamline your business for profit.

With experience of successfully promoting 100’s of retailers, across most retail sectors, we can show you lots of practical ways to get the most from your time, your people and your floor space.

As usual our initial consultation is free.
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