Top left to right: The Event Management Contractors

Lower left to right:   Donald Currie (Marketing Director) and Bernard Eaton (Managing Director)

Managing Director Bernard Eaton, 57, founded Greenwood Retail after years spent working with and researching with some of the best Sales and Marketing Consultants from the UK and USA.

He realised that while American sales techniques can be quite effective, they were not, in his view, entirely suited to the British/Irish retail consumer. In 2000 it became perfectly clear that British and Irish retailers could be far better served by a more efficient, professional and effective Sales Promotion Company.

Already a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional in his own right with 25 years of successful, hands on retail experience from shop floor through to M.D. and as a passionate advocate of the latest sales and marketing methods, launching Greenwood Retail was the natural step forward for Bernard Eaton.

Greenwood Retail is long established as No.1 in it’s market after consulting on over 1000 successful sales events over 20 years, plus, the Founder and his impressive team of mature and highly experienced Sales Event Managers actually have a combined retailing experience of more than 200 years! It’s not about how long a Company has been going. In today’s sales world, it’s today’s sales results that count and we are proud to let those results speak for themselves. Greenwood are quite happy for their sales performance, and quality of service, to be compared with that of any other sales company in the world.

With an astonishing track record and impressive client list, and based on what those experienced clients kindly report to us, Greenwood have for over a decade, confidently held the title of No.1 British High Impact Sales Promotion Consultancy. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients!

You are in the best company with Greenwood. Today Greenwood Retail Ltd is Britain’s Leading Experts in the specialist field of Retail Sales Promotion. To find out more about Greenwood Sales call Bernard directly on 07771 700247.

A Personal Assurance from the Founder…
“I wish to assure all who employ the services of Greenwood Retail Ltd, that we will consistently strive to deliver, what we sincerely believe to be, the most advanced, effective, professional, client-friendly and client-profitable retail sales promotion service currently available to you, the British Retailer.”

MISSION STATEMENT “To maximise client profit, to remain the market leader”
CORE VALUES Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work