What We Do

Top left to right: The Event Management Contractors

Lower left to right:   Donald Currie (Marketing Director) and Bernard Eaton (Managing Director)

Greenwood Retail Ltd is an established Sales Promotion Company which specialises in organising high-profile sales events, on behalf of quality retailers all over Great Britain and Ireland.  Although we can successfully promote any retail product, the Greenwood sales promotion strategies work especially well for retailers of home furniture & furnishings, homewares, garden products, fashion, giftware and jewellery.  Many of our retail clients are AIS and Minerva members.

You’re in good company when working with Greenwood – the above team all have retail management and or director level experience, working for some of the most famous and successful retail brands including:  Selfridges, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, The Co op, Furniture Village, Beaverbrooks, Reids, Goldsmiths, TJ Hughes, Fraser Hart, Barker and Stonehouse, Wickes and Peugeot.

Our clients can testify to you that, Greenwood’s unique, copyrighted, high impact sales promotion strategies, specially developed and refined for you the quality British retailer, can typically generate from 30% to 100% of your annual turnover, with high margin maintained, in just 17 days trading!  If this seems rather too difficult to believe then please allow me to explain how these special sales promotion plans work:


First you’ll receive a sales target and marketing budget based on our first meeting.  Once you have decided to go ahead with a Greenwood Sale then we’ll conduct a series of detailed surveys and planning meetings with you.  From the results we’ll design a specific marketing plan for a high profile sales event on your premises and based around an relevant story or event relating to your business.

For example, if you wish to grow and improve your business, having a Greenwood Promotional Sale will quickly generate massive turnover, and the unique pricing strategy will protect margin to ensure healthy profitability.  This type of event is usually based around a theme such as expansion, refurbishment, stock clearance or remerchandising.  Your Greenwood Sale could self-finance a very large project indeed.  Also, you’ll increase local awareness of your business, enhance your image, improve your reputation, and introduce many new customers promoting increased long term market share.  Almost any newsworthy business event can be professionally copy written as the theme for your special sale.  We can explore and discuss the appropriate themes which will work for you.

Or, if you are considering a closing down sale, for either retirement, downsizing, relocation, career change etc., use a Greenwood Disposal strategy to maximise this ultimate opportunity.  In many cases this strategy can yield far more net profit than selling as a going concern.

A typical marketing plan would include – subject to an agreed budget – exterior signage, in-store POS, direct mail, the new Greenwood digital campaign and where appropriate, we could also utilise various other media for example billboards, radio, television and print.  Then, about a week prior to the launch date, we’ll send in a highly trained Greenwood Sales Event Manager to implement and coordinate the in store preparations.

Every aspect of your sales event is taken care of with your full input and approval all the way along.  We’ll provide you with a comprehensive day by day plan and will execute every detail of your event to ensure the maximum return on your investment.  Regular Directors reports and staff briefings will ensure smooth running.  The entire sale event will be designed, organised, set up and conducted through to the last detail, enabling you to concentrate on running your business as usual.

When our unique marketing methods and copyrighted materials are applied precisely, a very special selling environment is created in your store which amounts to something much greater than the sum of the parts. A High-Impact-Sales-Promotion must be seen in action to be believed and understood.


Whatever your requirements, Greenwood Retail are able to plan, implement and manage for you, ‘the’ most effective & profitable sales campaign currently available in the UK.  We have consistently shown we can outperform our nearest rivals when working for the same clients under like for like circumstances.  And importantly, our highly competitive commission rates are charged on a results-only basis.

Whether your circumstances be; town or city, retail park or high street, multiple or independent, brand or non brand, mass market or top end, general furnisher, department store, shopping outlet or specialist retailer, you can trust a successful, ethical and highly experienced British Sales Company, with an exceptional track record and reputation, to organise a record breaking sales event for your business.

Please understand that Greenwood Retail strategies are thoroughly proven, and so, we offer our highly reputable and confidential service to you, at competitive rates, on a results only basis, with absolutely no upfront fees or charges. It’s great fun too! Limited bookings are now being taken for 2024 on a first come first served basis.

Your business could immediately benefit from holding a Greenwood Sale.
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