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Sales Events

Retail, is by nature, increasingly competitive across all sectors, but never more so than in the current trading envoironment. It is therefore essential, that you actively promote your business to increase your market share or even just to maintain it.

At the same time, consumers are becoming increasingly immune to the constant bombardment of marketing media to which we are all subjected. Studies estimate that most people are now exposed to an average of 1200 advertising messages every day.

Greenwood Retail’s unique combination of copyrighted marketing materials, methods & strategies, have been specifically designed and refined to enable British retailers to break through the immunity present in the modern British consumer.

Greenwood Retail consistently achieve for clients,
from 30% to 100% of annual turnover, in a 17 day event,
with high margin maintained. Ask Our Clients!

You can quickly and easily increase turnover, cash flow and profit, by holding a professionally planned high impact sales event in your store.

There are three basic types of Greenwood high impact sales event:


Who says people don’t want to hear good news? Use a Greenwood Promotion Sale to help you realise the full potential of your business when planning any improvements or expansion however large or small the project may be. These popular types of promotion demonstrate your commitment to improve products, value and service within your marketplace. And in doing so, will give your business a real long term boost by generating exceptional cash and profits as well expanding your customer base. A great Public Relations exercise.

THE REFURBISHING SALE – a great opportunity to hold a special storewide sale, whether you plan to refit the whole store or just redecorate one small area. In fact, any visible improvement project whatsoever will suffice as the theme for a truly great sales event. The No.1 choice of promotion.

THE REMERCHANDISING SALE – a highly effective way to quickly clear large volumes of stock, at a good profit, generate cashflow and update your product range. A very popular promotion with our clients.

THE GRAND LAUNCH EVENT – put your new, refurbished or relocated store well and truly on the map in real style while establishing maximum awareness and market share.

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Retail is ever changing. Your market is too. It is vital that you respond to those changes accordingly and take the necessary steps in a positive manner to ensure the continued success of your business. Let Greenwood Retail help you to reposition your business for the future. Change management consultancy is included (if required) with one of our reorganisation sales. Greenwood Retail can plan, execute and manage for you, a totally self financing reorganisation strategy which can also yield the same level of cash, profits and new customers as a business promotion sale.

REBRANDING SALE – if your traditional market is moving away then re invent and re launch your business for today and the next decade. A total, rebranding and remerchandising project.

RELOCATION SALE – a highly valuable, double opportunity, to close one store and launch the new one in quick succession. You’ll probably wish you had done it years ago!

REDUCTION SALE – when you want to downsize the organisation. Enjoy all the benefits of a promotional sale before reducing costs and simplifying your business.

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Whether you are planning your retirement or wanting a career change, Greenwood Retail has the expertise to help you to make the most of this exceptional opportunity. In many cases, a professionally planned and managed closing down/retirement sale will actually yield a higher net profit than selling as a going concern and should be seriously considered as an exit strategy option.

CLOSING DOWN SALE – the ultimate high impact sales event. Massive sales volume at high margin while actively promoting positive P. R. for you. Your complete, controllable and highly profitable solution.  Call us for a confidential discussion to find out more about this extraordinary opportunity to realise the full value of your goodwill and brand.

RETIREMENT SALE – don’t miss this fantastic, once only, opportunity to hold a very profitable, cash raising sales event prior to handing down or selling on your business. You depart in a feel good haze of positive P. R. while actively promoting the on going business.

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Your business could benefit from a high impact sales event.

We offer you a consultation and sales projection free of charge.

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